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Q1. What are same day loans?

Ans. Same day loans are payday loans that are unsecured in nature and act as an additional funds for your urgent needs when there is no option left behind for you. As the name implies that it is fastest option of getting funds and that the finances are in your pocket at the same day of filling an application form. Under this aid you may take care of all your unexpected expenses, penalties, late fees and so on.


Q2. How much amount can I get under this financial service?

Ans.  Under this financial service you may obtain the finances according to your necessities.


Q3. How can I apply for getting this financial aid?


Ans.  For availing same day loans you just require to fill a free of cost application form available on website of money lender. After providing all the necessary information in the form then submits it to the lender. Here the lender would verify the details and immediately transfer the amount into your account without any delay.


Q4.What information is required in filling an application form?


Ans. The following information is required in filling an application form such as name, address, bank account, employment status, your photograph and so on.


Q5. How much time the lender would take in sanctioning the finances?


Ans.  The lender would take few hours in sanctioning the finances and the funds are straight away transferred into your valid bank account. Or in other words the finances are accessible to an applicant at the same day of filling an application form.


Q6. Does my past credit record would create any negative impact?


Ans. The lender would not bother about your past credit record as he is just concerned about your present financial status.


Q7. What are the pre-conditions to be qualified for availing this monetary aid?


Ans.  The lenders have formulated some pre-conditions which have to be qualified by the borrower such as:

  • Age of the borrower should be above 18.
  • A borrower should possess a permanent citizenship of the country.
  • A borrower should be regularly employed with a reputed company.
  • A borrower should possess a three month old an active and valid bank account.