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Same day loans avail the finances to an individual in much protected manner and always ensure them by providing satisfactory services.


Some of the privacy policies of our company are as follows:

  1. Our company under stands the value of your personal information provided to us. So for the privacy of your information our company follows every possible step for protecting it.
  2. An applicant has to provide some basic personal information at the time of registering our services. The main aim behind collecting the information is to offer you the best financial aid as per your needs. All the information of an applicant is handled under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  3. Sometimes for finding a suitable loan deal for you the company had to discuss the details with the third party but on with the help of legal entity.
  4. No third party can illegally access to your personal information however all the transactions are performed electronically so any problem occurs in the system then we are not held liable for that.
  5. Our company can alter the privacy policy without providing any prior notice to the borrowers so make sure that before visiting our website must check the privacy policy.
  6. The dedicated staff of our company takes care of your personal information without any disappointment.
  7. With the help of the latest techniques and gadgets the secrecy of the client information is maintained moreover the company has launched a unique feature that is a separate login ID for the borrowers that functions only with the help of confidential password. And only the borrower is familiar with this password.
  8. We advice the borrowers not to disclose the account details to the third person. In other words try to maintain the sensitivity of your details.
  9. While surfing our website just for gathering the information you don’t have to provide any financial or personal details on our website.  If you are willing to apply only then you provides all the basic details in the application form.
  10. If any borrower tries to attempt any fraud with us only then the company would disclose the information to the government and would take a necessary legal action.